Why WordPress is better than the rest?

Because at this point there are no better/easier way to build a website… But more importantly;

  • #1. It’s totally FREE, with many layouts/themes to choose from

WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download or install, and there’s a huge community who have designed beautiful themes and templates, making it easy to get going fast. You’ll never run out of uniqueness…

  • #2. It’s VERY beginner-friendly

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you already know how add your own content. WordPress can be expanded with free plugins to handle just about any site you can imagine – from gorgeous business pages to social networking sites. With “plugins” you’ll be able to add contact forms, subscription forms, image galleries and so on for your website – pretty simple, huh?

  • #3. Small or Big site? Great for both.

From basic blogs to beautiful business sites and online stores, WordPress can handle just about any kind of website. WordPress is used by eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA.

  • #4. Your site will be ‘responsive‘. Meaning it’ll work on mobiles & tablets, too.

The website you build will instantly be responsive, looking great on every mobile device, smartphone and tablet. No need to hire a web developer for that..

  • #5. HUGE support and developer community available to help.

With so many people using the platform (Webmaster, Bloggers, Theme developers and Plugin creators), it’s easy to find QUICK help when you need it. In addition, WordPress has lots of free resources both available on Youtube and their support forum.

In fact, I built WebsiteSetup.org on WordPress, too. Below are samples of homepage and ‘blog’ page

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